All function rooms are booked by the commitment to a minimum spend which can be reached through a choice of our banquet menus.  Your options for the function rooms are:


Front Room can accommodate up to 30 guests and minimum number of 20 guests required.


Back Room can accommodate up to 50 guests and minimum number of 30 guests required. Outdoor table setting is also available where can accommodate extra 20 guests.


All group reservation for 15 people and more will be required to take banquet menu – Banquet 1 at $30 per person or Banquet 2 at $35 per person. Any changes for the menu can be made 14 days prior to the function (extra cost may incur for any changes). For more details, please refer to the attached Banquet menus.

To view our selection of Banquet Menus, please 


For more information, please email us at, or contact us at 02 9523 5163 

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